Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Working with clients on themed events

Having a theme for your event is certainly one way to be remembered by your guests, and it will most definitely get them talking and Instagramming! Themed Christmas events have always been popular to help organisers and venues stand out from the crowd, but we’ve recently seen a shift towards the theming trend for private parties and corporate events.

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of working with a client on a ‘Great British Seaside’ theme, set against the incredible backdrop of Castle Howard in the Howardian Hills, North Yorkshire.The event was an amazing corporate celebration for 1,550 long-service employees as guests; they dined in a large marquee which was thankfully kept cool despite the seaside like temperature of 25°c outside. The guests were greeted into the event via a fantastic ‘Leisure Beach-esque’ style pier and outdoor event space complete with carousel, bunting, deck chairs and live entertainment from a bandstand in the middle of the amusements. Our first nod to the theme came from a fish and chip canapé, served from popup ‘fish and chip shops’, as well as by hawkers for an authentic trip down memory lane. . The popular light bites were served in cones for people to eat on the go; alongside these were little tubs of mussels and cockles, a classic seaside snack! In addition to all the outdoor activity we served fizzy soft drinks from fanciful drink carts.Being a corporate event the client had a busy schedule to get through, so with this in mind we needed to adhere to strict service timings and provide a menu that could be served efficiently whilst also making colleagues feel special and enhancing the overall theme of the occasion. Lunch itself was a three course plated meal with a chilled fish dish of avocado, prawn and mango tian to start, followed by parmesan glazed chicken breast with chateau potato, baby carrots and greens with a rich chicken jus.The star of the show was our dessert, which fitted in perfectly with the event’s theme, ‘Sweet on the beach’ featuring vanilla pod ice cream on a biscuit crumb ‘beach’ with candy floss, mini sugared doughnut, meringue & fresh fruit. A fun dessert with nostalgic elements of Great British seaside holidays.

We absolutely love working on themed events, when all the elements come together and provide an amazing end product like this one, it’s plain to see why so many organisers are going down this route. For us it’s especially important that we get service right, serving 1,500 people means that we need to ensure all our dishes can be made with ease, meaning we can’t have many movements (number of steps it takes to create a dish) on the plate. That being said on this occasion there were a total 6 movements to craft ‘Sweet on The Beach’, but you have to break your own rules sometimes if you want to stand out… and we got it out on schedule!