Exhibition and event centres are multi-use spaces for a wide range of event styles, sizes and visitor profiles. Our catering in this sector is flexible and adaptable; meaning we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to peak periods of demand in our retail cafe offer. We work hard to understand and optimise the way visitors flow through the cafe area to relieve pressure points and improve the overall experience. Featuring local produce throughout our retail menus creates a truly unique offering for each venue, delighting visitors with artisan products, local delicacies, and often something just a little bit different to try each time they visit.

Dinners and events are on an enormous scale at exhibition and event centres. Success in this field relies on the use of multiple kitchen facilities, efficiently managed staff and meticulous planning to ensure that a perfectly executed meal for 4 in a client tasting can be just as good for 2,000 on event day.


Our expo sector is home to two venues, drop us a line and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.


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