We operate multiple restaurants across our sports, live and outdoor sectors, some fine dining, some a little more relaxed in style. The common thread throughout is the time and energy that goes into creating menus to fit each restaurant’s audience, especially those who dine with us time and time again, we like to keep things interesting for them. We offer choice and variety in our menus, favouring the use of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to ensure the very best flavour combinations. Our restaurant dishes are complemented with carefully selected wines and Champagnes.

Just as varied in style are our cafes. Some operate 6 days a week, some just pop up on an event by event basis, but all offer a complete range from breakfast, light bites and afternoon tea to bistro meals and grazing lunches. Our sandwich range is made and packaged entirely from scratch on site, allowing us to replenish quickly according to demand, guarantee freshness of ingredients and refresh our choice of fillings more often and more easily.


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