Changing with the seasons


Our 2017-2018 banqueting menus are now available and this year they’re extra special – featuring modern British cuisine and lots of locally sourced seasonal produce. Pete Higginson, Event Chef, is the man responsible for the menu design and here explains the inspiration behind them; “These days people are eating out a lot more and are much more aware of the food they are eating as well as being really interested in where it’s come from”. Pete, formerly a Food Lecturer in Hospitality at Leeds City College, has taken his cues from working with some of the best chefs in the industry, such as; Steve Smith at The Devonshire Arms, Nigel Haworth at Northcote Manor and Alain Roux  at The Waterside Inn.

The newest addition to our banqueting menu package is the seasonal set menu, which features our suggestions to showcase the very best of ready to eat produce, a real treat for customers who crave the field to plate experience using ingredients when they’re at their very best and championing lesser known cuts of meat. “It’s good for chefs to use the different cuts as it makes you work a bit harder and gives you more of a challenge. Not only is it a cheaper way of working, there is also often more raw ingredient to make use of. It’s called “nose-to-tail eating” and it’s this provincial, resourceful way of eating that’s coming into fashion because you can get a range of interesting flavours from one ingredient alone.”

Pete’s favourite dishes from the seasonal set menus:

Charred cured mackerel, horseradish snow, cucumber two ways; compressed and pureed

– “It’s light, refreshing and good for you, the perfect way to begin a meal”

Beef three ways; smoked beef sirloin, slow cooked blade and tongue, parsley risotto, celeriac fondants, red wine jus

– “This dish uses lesser known cuts which presents more textures, flavours and requires more skills. The risotto will change to garlic when in season”

Chocolate praline parfait, chocolate sorbet, charred and gel orange coral sorbet

– “A lot of behind the scenes preparation goes into all our dishes, so you may think you know what you’re getting but the dish actually provides some surprises.”

“CGC is a well-known company with a reputation amongst our long-standing, loyal customers for doing a great Sunday dinner. These menus move towards more refined dishes, and our customers will not only be paying for great ingredients but the chefs’ culinary skills too”

Our 2017-2018 banqueting menus are available now for all manner of events, get in touch with a member of the team to discuss the possibilities for your next event be that at one our associated venues, or a location of your choosing.