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CGC Event Caterers is your trusted partner for exceptional catering solutions across a diverse range of events, at any location. We possess the experience, expertise, and adaptability to seamlessly integrate into any event, regardless of scale, style, or location.

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Case Study: Tickled Pink – ASDA Annual Charity Dinner

For over 18 years, CGC has proudly catered to the Tickled Pink ASDA Annual Charity Dinner at the Yorkshire Events Centre in Harrogate. This prestigious event requires the highest level of quality and efficiency. In 2023, we catered to over 1000 guests, serving delectable dishes like fillet of beef and salmon, while minimising food waste to an outstanding level. Our commitment to detail extends beyond the plate, with meticulous planning ensuring the use of over 10,000 pieces of cutlery, crockery, and glassware for a flawlessly presented dining experience.

Case Study: Paris Air Show 2023

The Paris Air Show, alternating locations each year between Paris and Farnborough, is the world's largest biennial aviation trade fair. For over 30 years, CGC Event Caterers has been the sole caterer, creating a production kitchen on-site to support the event. This commitment allows us to offer a comprehensive range of catering services to exhibitors, from restaurants and bistros to buffets and BBQs.

In 2023, we catered to over 2,900 exhibitors, including industry giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, producing nearly 10,000 servings of food over the course of the event. The dedication of our staff and our unwavering focus on quality ensured a seamless and successful event, generating significant revenue.

An event of this size requires meticulous planning, mobilising a team of skilled chefs and support staff along with a significant amount of catering equipment to the show's location – Paris or Farnborough.

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