Our Food Philosophy

A Passion for Food

At CGC, our dedication to quality food goes beyond just deliciousness. We believe in the importance of food provenance, using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from trusted Yorkshire producers. Our Executive Chef meticulously selects suppliers based on quality and their ability to deliver consistently, ensuring a breadth and scale to match our growing business.

We know that sourcing well is just the first step. Our passionate chefs take pride in crafting dishes that showcase the very best of seasonal produce, all while catering to a wide range of event styles. Our commitment to hand-crafting from scratch is what allows us to tailor our menus to perfectly suit each unique occasion. We believe this dedication is the only way to guarantee the quality and freshness our customers deserve.

Our Food Philosophy

Proudly Yorkshire:

Yorkshire produce is the star of our menus, combined with our knowledge of the latest food trends. We build on our heritage and support our local customer base.

Craft Caterers:

We are committed to in-house preparation, production, cooking, and baking. We provide our teams with the training they need to consistently deliver the best, handcrafted cuisine.

A Passionate Team:

We offer all our teams the opportunity to excel and develop their skills, both as a team and as individuals.


We take guest feedback seriously, using it to constantly improve the enjoyment of every guest and their food and beverage experience.

Embracing the Seasons:

We work directly with suppliers to develop menus that reflect seasonal produce and availability.

Knowing our Producers:

We have long-standing relationships with our local suppliers, built on mutual understanding through regular visits. We insist that our key suppliers understand our philosophy.

Caring for Our Impact:

We design menus with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. This includes reducing supplier delivery miles, minimising food waste, and conserving energy and water.

Embracing Our Communities:

We are committed to supporting young local people in gaining employment and to continuing our support for charities. We give back to our communities and measure our social value against our public pledge.

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