Entertaining guests, be it at a live show, a sporting occasion, or an agricultural event, should be one of life’s pleasures. Hospitality catering features across all of the sectors we operate in, often combining top quality catering with the ‘best seat in the house’ at the heart of an event or show. Our team invests time in creating hospitality menu content that takes the best of seasonal produce, presented with care, skill and creativity so that it is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Made with passion, served with pride.

Catering for large events and dinners is no different. We know the hard work that goes into putting on a show for an awards dinner, a Christmas party or a celebration and our food will work just as hard for you to impress guests as the theming and table decorations should. We’ll happily share with you the knowledge we’ve developed over years of catering for large events and dinners, it’s no easy task, but we’ve got a good handle on it, catering for more than fifty dinners each year with 500 guests or more.

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